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Introduction and Chocolate Review

December 31, 2009

Hi, I’m Dai Dai, and I’m really excited to finally start my food blog!  I’m from Hawaii, but attend college in Los Angeles, California.  What I’m planning to do with Clean Palate is to introduce to readers products and foods that I find that are natural, clean, and as minimally processed and altered as possible.  This means no highly processed sugars, no artificial sweeteners, no hydrogenated oils, and minimally refined grains.  I don’t believe in frozen dinners, and am a snack food junkie, especially in high-fat products such as nuts and chocolates.  While many of my foods will be Asian, since it is the type of food I grew up with, I will be exploring clean foods of other cultures as well.  As an athlete, I’m also more interested in higher-protein foods.

88% Endangered Species ChocolateAnyway, my first review will be on Endangered Species chocolate!  The other day as I was walking home, I passed Down to Earth, a natural foods store in Hawaii.  My chocolate cravings were calling to me, so I decided to see what their chocolate selection and prices were like since I never visited the store before.  All their 3 oz Endangered Species chocolate bars were on sale for $2.19, which is a real steal for good quality chocolate sold in Hawaii, so I purchased a bar of 88% Extreme Dark Chocolate, as I’m more crazy about darker blends of chocolate.  A serving of about half the bar (about 7 rectangles) has 5g of unbleached water-filtered beet sugar, and the rest of the ingredients that make up the bar are chocolate liquor, soy lecithin, and REAL vanilla. 88% Endangered Species ChocolateThe taste of this chocolate did not disappoint.  However, it didn’t really have a specific flavor that it really hinted toward, as it wasn’t really fruity, bitter, woody, or spicy in particular.  The bar melted slowly but deliberately in the mouth, producing a great mouthfeel.  Overall, a great bar of chocolate for a quick chocolate fix.  I saw this bar the other day in Whole Foods and other smaller natural foods stores, but I will have to search for it when I get back to the mainland. Perhaps I will take a shot at other flavors with a lower cocoa content at another time.

Dai Dai


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