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Taking a bite out of touristy Seattle

July 26, 2010

Last week I visited Seattle and was able to try its tasty fresh seafood before returning to Hawaii and my mom’s home cooking. I was lucky to visit the tourist spot Seattle Center, during the time it was the grounds for the annual Bite of Seattle food festival, as well as the famed Pike Place Market.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t looking to eat too much at the festival because I wanted to save room in my stomach for the Market. I did, however, have some tasty samples.

They were handing out Larabars in the driveway in front of the Space Needle, so my brother and I snagged a few. They ranged from the flavors of Apple Pie to Cherry Pie to Key Lime Pie. I think my favorite was the Key Lime Pie, although I wasn’t particularly fond of all the bars in general. Too sweet for my liking, although I really liked the chewy consistency of the dried fruit mixed with the crunchy nuts.

The food festival tents all smelled heavenly as we walked our way around looking to take pictures of the Science Center. We found the mother of free samples tent that was set up to give people a taste of food products to come, such as half soy ice cream samples from So Delicious as well as Seeds of Change curry sauces and instant rices. There was also an area where you could pay a fee and run around the place sampling foods of the tents in the designated area, but we didn’t have time for that; we had to find the Science Center. I did manage to snap a shot of the Maximus Minimus food truck, which by the way smelled heavenly.

Once we found the Science Center, we took a picture of the Center’s entrance as well as a far-off shot with the Space Needle, and then we were off to Pike’s Place. When we got there, we visited the first Starbucks. My mom and I bought a latte with added turbinado sugar to warm ourselves from the cold air outside. While we were waiting, we looked at a lot of the products they offer in the store, which looked a lot more authentic than the pretty versions sold in Starbucks stores elsewhere. No doubt that they were fresher, but probably of the same quality.

After we got our coffee, we ambled slowly down across the street, where we sampled different nuts, fruits, and other goodies. My favorite was at the Pappardelle Pasta stall, where I sampled a chocolate flavored noodle and a large assortment of sauces and dips. My favorite was the truffle oil, of course, since I love the taste of mushrooms, but their Thai peanut sauce was not bad either.

I also liked the fruit stalls where they were selling fresh berries and nectarines and peaches for good deals. I also found the first crookneck squash I’ve ever seen in my life perched atop a mound of fresh citrus fruit.

When we grew tired of watching the fish being carelessly tossed around at Pike’s Place Fish Market, we walked across the street toward Pike’s Place Chowder. We ordered the sampler for $10.95, which is a mixture of 4 different types of chowders served with 2 pieces of sourdough. We got the clam chowder, seafood bisque, lobster bisque, and smoked salmon chowder.

Each spoonful of chowder was a flavor bomb in my mouth. I really liked the clam chowder because didn’t have a huge bacon flavor, but hinted a bit of cheese, and I would definitely place it higher in ranks compared to a lot of establishments in San Francisco. My favorite soup was the smoked salmon chowder because I absolutely love the taste of salmon. I never tried anything like it, so it was definitely a treat. The seafood bisque was a little spicy, which was nice, while the lobster bisque was a little plain, in my opinion, since there was not a big lobster flavor. I would definitely stick with just the chowders next time.

With our stomachs full at 3:30PM, we walked around looking at the small shops, such as Beecher’s Handmade Cheese while they were making the cheese, and listening to the entertainers as they sang in the streets.

Even though this place is really touristy, I really enjoyed my taste of Seattle. I hope to be able to visit this place again and be able to buy the fresh cheese and produce to enjoy without customs on the plane to worry about. Thank you to all the fine producers and musicians who helped make my memories there so wonderful!

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  1. I went to Seattle a few years ago and loved it. I wish we could have spent more time at the Market.

    Thank you for entering my giveaway!

  2. Great stuff, Just passed this on to a coworker who read up on this and she took me to eat after I forwarded her this site. So, appreciate it!!

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