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Fair trade chocolate: Mascao

October 10, 2010

A chocolate bar on sale? Why yes, I’ll take that!

Which is how I ended up with the Mascao 73% cacao bar with nibs. Apparently it’s the first fair-trade organic chocolate in the world. The cacao from this bar is taken from Bolivia and Dominican Republic, while the cane sugar is taken from either Paraguay or the Philippines. Ingredients in this bar included: cocoa paste, full cane sugar, cacao nibs, and cocoa butter. Nutritionals include 539 kcals, 7g protein, 31g carbohydrates, and 43g fats in a 100g bar.

When I unwrapped the paper cover, I was surprised to be presented with a plastic wrapper rather than the conventional foil in most chocolates that provide for easy rewrapping and preservation. I guess they were counting on the fact that I was going to finish the bar quickly…which is probably what is going to happen.

I was hit with the intense cacao flavor the moment I ripped open the plastic wrapper. I was not disappointed by the taste that the smell presented. It was very smooth, with mainly fruity tones that became a little earthier after the initial taste went away. And then that final crunch from the cacao nib made it oh-so-satisfying. The only thing that I could say would improve the bar would be to place fewer nibs throughout the bar so I can enjoy the chocolate a little bit more.

It was also difficult to break into the actual squares presented. This is probably due to the lack of emulsifier and the fact that the grooves separating the squares were not deep at all. However, overall it was a good chocolate bar. Well worth the discount to 1.44 euro.

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