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Italian food and Perugina dark chocolate 70% with nibs

November 7, 2010

I’m back finally from my southern Italy tour and have pretty much stuffed myself silly with typical hearty Italian fare in each of the regions. I thought it was going to be difficult to eat, as I have such a huge dislike for pasta and overall doughy things, but I was able to find plenty of meals (and gelato!) to satisfy my food cravings. Among them were the arancini and fried eggplants in Sicily, pizzas in Campania, Jewish fried artichokes and pumpkin in Rome, truffles (on a pizza) in Umbria, and pecorino cheese panini and trippa alla fiorentina in Tuscany. Everything was freshly made from scratch, but I found I liked Tuscan cuisine the most because they tended to be less rich and more legume-friendly, with plenty of tomato sauce in everything. But enough of the non-recipe foods and on with the review!

My visit to Umbria included a tour of the Perugina factory owned by Nestle, which is located near the small university village of Perugia. I had previously reserved an Italian tour in the afternoon because the English tour was only offered in the morning, when I would have been on the train, but the tour ended up being in English anyway due to the large amount of English speakers who showed up.

The tour itself ended with a lot of free samples of chocolate that the Italian brand makes, including the thin sheets that I reviewed, chocolate balls, white chocolate bars, chocolate wafer confections, and candies. I bought a 70% Nero chocolate bar with cacao nibs when I was there, and the price was about the same as if I purchased it at the grocery store.

I apologize for the poor lighting, as I took the photo when I had dim lighting when I was working at the farm, and was snacking during my break. It was just the thing to perk me up in between olive harvesting. The bar had a great texture and chocolate-to-nib ratio, while the flavor of the cacao itself was very fruity. I could definitely come back to this bar if I wanted nibs in my chocolate. Very well-done for a Nestle company!

Dai Dai


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