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Green & Black’s chocolate, fresh from London

November 25, 2010

For this past weekend trip, I went to London and Buckingham in the UK. I quite enjoyed both of them, with London being a more classy version of the US as a melting pot of styles and ethnicities, and Buckingham being a nice, quaint British town about an hour away.

As for my takeaway food, I was delighted to see that Green & Black’s chocolate was about a pound and a quarter per bar, which multiplied by the exchange rate, came out to a little over 2 USD. I picked up and tried a 70% coffee bar to snack on while I watched the opening of Harry Potter 7.

I can’t really say that I liked the bar. Like other typical G&B bars I’ve tried, the chocolate delivered on a smooth mouthfeel. However, on taste, I was just confused. As it melted on my tongue, I tasted different waves of fruit, earthy cacao, and coffee, which seemed to be competing against each other for the spotlight. I feel that if G&B had to make a bar with coffee, it would have to ramp up that one taste because the cacao in its chocolate bars are so intensely flavored.

At the very least the ingredients were simple and organic: organic cocoa mass, organic raw cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic coffee, soya lecithin, organic vanilla extract, and organic whole milk powder. Makes me feel slightly less guilty about eating chocolate after those fish and chips!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Dai Dai


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