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Swiss chocolate: Suchard chocolate with pistachio

December 13, 2010

On my way up to Jungfraujoch last week, I picked up a Suchard 70% pistachio bar from the Coop, as part of my sustenance in the freezing -20 degrees Celsius at the top of the Alps.

Apparently I was really lucky to decide on this bar out of the other hundred in the store, since I haven’t been able to see this brand being sold anywhere else, other than being sold under the brands Milka and Toblerone.

This chocolate bar tasted really good. It is so far my first and only pistachio-laced bar I’ve had, and it completely satisfied me. There was enough pistachio throughout to really give the chocolate a nutty flavor without totally imposing on the taste. 70% was a really good percentage of sugar for the bar, too, since the sugar gave the nut and cacao a little boost in flavor. If I could go back to Switzerland, this bar would definitely be on my list of first to eat again.

Dai Dai


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