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Chocolate mousse war: Camille Bloch vs Galler

December 26, 2010

Since coming back from Switzerland, I have begun to give preference to the Swiss’ expertise on the creaminess of milk chocolates over any country’s know-how on the smooth mouthfeel of milk or dark chocolate. However, in the case of mousse, I would have to say that the Belgians win. Their mixture of other flavors into chocolate have always been successful with their truffles, pralines, and other chocolate items that are so famously produced in the country, and there is no exception with Galler’s chocolate mousse bar in comparison to Camille Bloch.

I first tried my 1.50 CHF Camille Bloch to a disappointment. Although the chocolate exterior was rather tasty, the chocolate mousse directed the bar into deep problems. Maybe it wasn’t my preference for mousse, but it was far too creamy and tasted slightly of cocoa and too much whipped topping.

So although the chocolate itself was not terrible, it was overcome by the richness of the mousse that I disliked. Not to mention that the ratio of chocolate to mousse was not high enough.

However, when speaking about Galler, which I actually purchased in France for 2 euro, I enjoyed more value out of the 70g bar than the 100g Camille Bloch.

Although the flavor of this bar was different than the Camille Bloch, being dark espresso, I felt that it played the mousse card a lot better than its Swiss counterpart.

The bitter- and sourness of the espresso bit cleanly into the slightly sweet and creamy mousse, which coupled with the chocolate flavor a few seconds later, and created an enjoyable taste sensation. The ratio of chocolate to mousse was just perfect, and the flavors of cacao and coffee complemented each other perfectly.

I am off to the airport tomorrow to go back to the USA, but I may just grab an overly priced Galler bar at the airport to complete my enjoyable chocolate experience abroad in Europe.

Au Revoir!

Dai Dai


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