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Lindt 99

January 3, 2011

One of the final chocolate bars I had in Italy was the Lindt 99% bar, as it was on sale to 2.19 euro, compared to the $5 price tag given to its American counterpart.

This was the fanciest packaging I’ve ever seen for a Lindt bar.

It even has instructions on how to enjoy the bar, including building up the taste buds to fully appreciate the 99% by starting off with the 70% bar, and working up to the 85%.

Packaging aside, I think Lindt made a flop with this bar. While the taste of the chocolate was satisfying, with sharp acidity that, in my experience, Lindt did not showcase in its other bars, there were a lot of cacao bits every once in a while that hindered its smooth performance. It was annoying because, although I am a fan of nibs, these seemed more like bits and pieces of the shell that weren’t meant to be processed with the cacao. So while I feel that the bar has good taste, the overall balance of the bar threw me off.

However, it did not stop me from taking pictures of the beauty of the packaging. Props to Lindt for that.

Dai Dai


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