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Homemade pho

May 22, 2011

One of the things that I love being at home for is my mom’s delicious cooking. Yesterday we made pho for dinner from scratch, meaning an entire day of cooking, though it was completely worth it. Since we bought a lot of meat, even though the total cost of our ingredients equaled the same as four bowls of pho at a restaurant, our broth was MSG-free, and we still had a lot of expensive cuts of beef left over.

Below, I have the recipe for what we did to make our delicious dinner. The recipe makes four generous servings, and we made it without lime, chili peppers, hot sauce, or hoisin sauce, though those ingredients can be added at the end to taste for each person.

4 pounds of flank steak
2 pounds of beef bones
1 pound of beef tendon
1/2 onion
1 piece of star anise
3 Tablespoons ginger

1 pound of beef tripe
1 pound of rice noodles
1 package of frozen beef balls
4 green onions
1 small bunch cilantro
1 bunch Thai basil leaves
1/2 pound bean sprouts
salt to taste

(1) Slice the onions and ginger into strips. Place the beef flank steak, bones, tendons, onion, anise, and ginger in a pot. Add water several inches above the level of meat, and bring to a boil. Simmer for 10 hours.
(2) Cut the tripe thinly into strips, and place into another pot of boiling salted water for several minutes. Put in a bowl and set aside.
(3) Bring another pot of water to a boil and add the rice noodles. Cook until slightly tender. Drain and place in another bowl, and set aside.
(4) At the end of the boiling stage of the soup, add the beef balls. Boil for another half hour and add salt to taste.
(5) Take the beef steak out of the broth and slice into very thin pieces. Do the same with the tendon.
(6) Slice the green onion and cilantro, of which the volume should be equivalent to that of green onion. Take the leaves off the stems of the basil.
(7) Lay out four big bowls and place noodles at the bottom of each one. Add green onions and cilantro, and generous servings of each beef part into each bowl. Pour the broth into each bowl.
(8) Allow each person to add the bean sprouts and basil to his liking, and provide limes, chili peppers, hot sauce, and hoisin sauce if preferred.


Dai Dai

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