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Bear & Wolf canned salmon

July 30, 2011

Ever since I started work, I haven’t had a lot of time to cook and blog. However, since I started making wraps with ingredients from Costco, I have been browsing the aisles a lot for something cheap yet nutritious. Boy, did I hit the jackpot on this item.

I was buying canned wild Alaskan salmon from Trader Joes for $1.99 each, since it’s a lot better than the farm-caught salmon in the bigger cans for $2.99. However, taste-wise, it was really dry and wasn’t very flavorful. It pretty much lived up to my expectations for something so low fat, as the low fat is the only option for canned Alaskan salmon. However, after trying out the Bear & Wolf canned salmon, I completely changed my mind about canned wild Alaskan salmon.

At Costco, these come in 6-packs for about $11. They are extremely moist and flavorful, and flake so easily when I make salmon salad sandwiches. No terrible fishy smell when just opened, and I could definitely eat these straight from the can! Nutritionally, they are really good, and with the 3/4 cup can size, I get 180 calories, 3g fat (one full gram being omega-3s), 660mg sodium, 39g protein, and 12% calcium.

Absolutely amazing stuff, and will definitely show up in my recipes in the near future!

Dai Dai


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