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Terrible products

October 13, 2011

My biggest two vices are chocolate and cheese. But even the products that I tried this past week were not remotely satisfying to please my palate. I tried the Divine chocolate brand and Lifeway farmer’s cheese, and both products were absolutely terrible!

First bad impression of the chocolate: after opening, the chocolate was stuck to the wrapper.

Second bad impression: ginger and slight orange taste totally overwhelmed the chocolate flavor. Then I finally tasted the chocolate and it tasted HORRIBLE. It was like eating a Hershey’s attempt at a dark chocolate bar.

Third bad impression: read the entire ingredients list, and threw the wrapper away because it was so bad with all the syrup and random stuff.

It wasn’t just this bar; I tried the raspberry and 85% versions, and all of them were just terrible. I can’t believe I wasted $7.50 at Whole Foods for this stuff.

Then comes the farmer’s cheese.

I was hoping that this would be a slightly lighter and healthier version of cottage cheese. But it ended up going too much off the deep end in that respect; it tasted like nothing, with large amounts of really dry texture. NEVER going to buy that again. Or at least the low-fat version.

Hope that you may learn from my mistakes!

Dai Dai


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