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Rotisserie chicken fried cauliflower rice

October 16, 2011

Last year I had a friend who invited me over to eat some fried rice he made. He assured me, “I know you hate carbs, but try this out; it’s soooo good!” Knowing he was a good cook, I consented and ate the rice. To be fair, it was quite delicious. But I knew I could make something like it without the dull taste of white rice, yet still retain the “fried” and “leftovers” taste of everything in fried rice.

Enter my new-found love for cauliflower rice. It is so easily prepared when using the grater, and it absorbs flavors like a sponge, very similarly to white rice. The hard part in preparing it is figuring out when it is on the verge of getting overcooked, so that it retains a slightly crunchy texture without getting soft and mushy. But that’s not too hard if you have experience preventing regular rice from turning to mush, anyway.

I cooked the leftover cold rotisserie chicken from Costco, along with some chopped onions in some heated olive oil. I know that extra virgin olive oil can easily get oxidized and damaged in high heat, but a study here has shown that virgin olive oil exposed to high cooking heat for 36 hours still retained most of its nutritive properties and resisted oxidative damage. Apparently very high quality olive oils have lower amounts of free fatty acids and higher amounts of antioxidants, which means as long as you buy the good stuff, it can’t go that bad in the heat. You can go here if you want more information in layman’s terms or more information on different studies.

Anyway. Back to the fried cauliflower rice.

This chicken fried cauliflower rice turned out very good, especially this batch that I used a lot of the dark meat and fat in. Who needs white rice when cauliflower is more nutritious and takes less preparation time anyway? Recipe below.

1 cup shredded or diced leftover chicken
1/4 large onion
1/2 lb, or 2 cups, raw cauliflower
1 cup parsley (or equivalent amounts of other vegetables)
1 Tbsp cooking fat
2 Tbsp soy sauce
2 eggs
salt and pepper to taste

(1) Rice the cauliflower via grater, food processor, blender, or manual chopping method. Set aside.
(2) Dice onion and cube/shred the chicken if not already done. Set aside.
(3) Chop any additional vegetables and set aside.
(4) Heat cooking fat on high and add leftover chicken and onions. Cook until onion browns, about 3 minutes.
(5) Add riced cauliflower and stir to combine. Continue cooking until slightly browned, about 3 minutes. Turn down heat to medium and add parsley or vegetable if leafy. Stir to combine. If using a non-leafy vegetable, add the vegetable before adding the riced cauliflower. Add soy sauce and other seasonings and stir to combine.
(6) In another bowl, beat 2 eggs together. Pour over the fried rice and stir to incorporate evenly. Cook for a few more minutes until the egg is almost no longer raw. Turn off heat and let sit for a few more minutes. Serve hot!

Dai Dai

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