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Fast snack: pepperoni chips

November 16, 2011

I just discovered one of the most awesome fast snacks ever!

Pepperoni chips.

I love pepperoni, but I find that I have to eat it with other things for the limp meat to be satisfying. But not anymore!

I microwaved pepperoni slices on paper towels and let sit out to firm up. As a result, I got a heap of hardened pepperoni pieces (as well as a heap-load of grease marks), which were firm enough to dip into other things if need be. I think these would be really good with a creamy dip, to offset the saltiness and spiciness of the pepperoni. But I just ate them by themselves because they were just that awesome.

(1) Lay a paper towel flat on a plate. Place pepperoni slices on the paper towel, making sure not to let them overlap.
(2) Once the first paper towel has pepperoni completely covering it, add another paper towel on top. Place another layer of pepperoni slices.
(3) Repeat this process until you run out of pepperoni. Be sure to place a last piece of paper towel on the very top, to prevent spattering.
(4) Place plate in microwave and microwave on high for 1 minute for 1 layer, plus 10 seconds more per extra layer.
(5) When finished microwaving, let pepperoni pieces sit out for at least 3 minutes to cool and firm up.


Dai Dai

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  1. nice work, love your design, suits the blog well 🙂

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