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Delicious raw chocolate: Fearless Chocolate Co.

November 18, 2011

After spending all that money on the disappointing Vosges bars at Whole Foods, I decided to shell out the money for a new kind of chocolate: Fearless Chocolate bars, from The Fearless Chocolate Co. based in San Francisco, CA. Now this is definitely a bar worth the $7 price tag.

Before I jump into anything, here is the raw deal with the nutritional info for the entire 2 oz bar: 240 calories, 18g fat, 28g carbs, 12g fiber, 6g protein, 60% calcium, and 8% iron (to be honest, I think they misprinted the info and mixed up calcium and iron). Ingredients are organic raw cacao, organic rapadura (unrefined whole cane sugar), and organic raw shredded coconut. Surprising that it had so much fiber for only a 70% bar, as most have about a third at best in fiber of the carbs.

My first impression of the bar when I opened it was that it was way too tacky for my tastes. Really colorful in a weird design. Not to mention the design of the actual bar had a “bite” in the corner. What was I getting myself into, exactly?

It turned out to be well worth the time, effort, and money, though. I’m usually not a fan of the lower cacao percentage bars, but this is possibly the best-tasting chocolate bar I’ve ever tried. Much of it had to do with the fact that the cacao was raw, which meant that it retained the flavors from the very fruity and pungent nibs it was made from. This resulted in a very flavorful bar, which was only enhanced by the organic sugar. The coconut was a nice afterthought, though it would have been better without any, so as to not damage any of the lovely cacao aftertaste.

Definitely a fan. I spent my entire budget on gourmet chocolate for the month already, so have to wait until next month to try another variety.

Dai Dai


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  1. Thank you for the wonderful words! Drop us an email and we’ll make sure you have enough chocolate to do another FEARLESS review.


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