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Trader Joe’s Chocolate Palette

November 23, 2011

Talk about a chocolate palette! I found a stack of 8 chocolate varieties from Trader Joe’s. All of them were neatly wrapped up in 1.5 oz squares, ranging from 60-73% cacao, and containing cacao beans from all over the world.

The package featured chocolate with cacao from Venezuela, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, Dominican Republic, Peru, Ghana, Ecuador, and San Thome. The set also came with a guide of what the profile of each bean tastes like, and what good accompaniments are for that particular bean.

My favorite was the Ghana bar, which was noticeably different from the other varieties. It was peppery in not a bad way, which help deepen the chocolate flavor. Very unlike my usual favorites that are more fruity/winey in nature.

The other bars were very similar to each other. With the exception of the Ghana bar, the flavor of the other bars were not too overwhelming in taste, which is really good for chocoholics who can’t handle darker varieties. For a budding gourmet chocolate lover, I would definitely say this would be a nice gift to give for the holidays.

Dai Dai


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