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Salmon patties

November 27, 2011

Well here I am on another salmon kick. Wanted to make something different than the usual recipes, so I made a bunch of hassle-free salmon patties. Still trying to figure out the kinks to a non-yellowish hue when capturing food inside my metal mixing bowl, but I think I’ll figure out a way since I’ll probably be installing Photoshop soon.

I mixed a whole can of wild salmon with eggs, onions, garlic, red bell peppers, dill, and black pepper. Then I let it rest while I heated up the stove with the butter in the pan.

Out of all the cooking fats to cook salmon with, I favor butter the most, because it does have a nice rounding of flavor when paired with canned salmon, which is usually dry and less tasty than its fresh counterpart. If I cook some sort of meat, though, I lean more towards cooking with my extra virgin olive oil, since there is less of a taste necessity in cooking fat, as the meat is very flavorful on its own. Also, I consider extra virgin olive oil to be more healthy than butter due to the polyphenols and high levels of Vitamin E and K. But butter just tastes better cooked with other stuff in general.

Patties are pretty hard to form under normal conditions. I tend to be really lazy, and don’t bother with letting the mixture sit in the fridge for an hour before frying, nor do I use any special tool to make them perfectly circular. I do, however, want to try the large jar-lid method, where you layer some plastic wrap at the bottom of the jar before jamming a bunch of patty mixture into the circular area. Pretty smart, but certainly time-, labor-, and extraneous garbage-intensive. So for now, I just use my hands and throw them into the pan as soon as they are formed.

1 Tbsp cooking fat
1 16-oz can of salmon
1/2 large onion
2-3 cloves garlic
1/2 red bell pepper
1 Tbsp dried dill
2 eggs
black pepper to taste

(1) Finely mince garlic and chop the onion and bell pepper.
(2) Combine the salmon, onion, garlic, red bell pepper, dill, eggs, and black pepper together in a bowl. Mix well.
(3) Heat butter in a pan on high. Once it starts bubbling, begin to add patties to the pan.
(4) Form patties by picking up about two handfuls of salmon mixture from the bowl, and tightly compressing the mixture between your two hands, squeezing out all the residual water. Add them to the pan as soon as they are made. Sometimes it helps to press down on the center to even out the shape of the patties.
(5) After each patty cooks about 3 minutes on one side, or until one side is browned, flip it over to cook for another 3 minutes, or until brown on other side.
(6) Let cool for several minutes before serving.


Dai Dai


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