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Bulletproof coffee

February 20, 2012

My new favorite breakfast, courtesy of Bulletproof Executive.

Every morning I wake up very early, and brew hot water so that I can use my locally roasted, Central America-sourced, wet-process beans in my coffee grinder, and make fresh coffee with grass-fed butter and minimally processed coconut oil. Yes, I am really snooty about my coffee. Plus, this particular blend of oils makes my coffee taste a LOT better than just adding heavy cream.

The Bulletproof Exec actually advises against using a french press since it apparently is correlated with high LDL levels in the bloodstream, though research doesn’t show why. Since I’m in my twenties and exercise regularly, I’m not particularly concerned about slightly elevated LDL levels, especially since high LDL levels are only indicators of too many positive or negative things. And I would rather get a stronger tasting coffee with my french press.

I normally pour my pressed coffee into a mug, empty out the grinds, and pour the liquid back into the french press with a Tablespoon or two of coconut oil and grass-fed butter or ghee. I blend it all together with my immersion blender, and leave everything in the french press for drinking so that I don’t have to deal with too many oily dishes to clean.

Which leads me to another awesome product: unrefined virgin coconut oil from Sprouts.

I’ve searched high and low for cheap sources of good quality coconut oil, since ordering online can be expensive and/or have to be ordered in large quantities to be worth it. The best quality that I’ve found in stores, by far, is the one at Sprouts Farmer’s Market.

I’ve tried the Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s coconut oils since they were the cheaper choices against the $12/lb of brand name oils, and the quality was just not there, with the Whole Foods one tasting rancid, and the TJs one having almost no coconut flavor and forming black mold really quickly. The Sprouts one is perfect; I’ve actually kept a jar for five months after opening, and it still tasted fine until the very last spoonful. There is a prominent coconut flavor, which I like, and it’s very reasonably priced, at $6.99/lb jar.

The customer service rep was also really friendly in getting the information to me about the processing of the oil. The coconuts are fermented for less than 24 hours to separate the oils, which minimizes contamination and moldiness. They are then cold-expeller-pressed and packaged into the jars, making the oil first-pressed, instead of some of the bad-quality stuff that could only have been made from the second, or even third, attempt at squeezing out the oils. Great stuff for a great value.

Anyway, if anyone else tries this amazing coffee concoction, please let me know what you think! This is seriously the best thing after the invention of sliced bread.

Dai Dai

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