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Fried salmon skin

February 23, 2012

Remember that faux sushi I made? Well raw salmon skin doesn’t have a place in that entire rawness of the dish since it’s pretty much inedible in that form. But I didn’t want to waste such a valuable source of vitamins and fat. So what did I do with them?

I fried them.

I did more of a pan-fry since I didn’t think deep-frying was necessary. The skins still came out very tasty and crispy. I didn’t even bother making sushi with the skins because they were so delicious on their own.

There were bits of salmon meat on my skins because this was the first time I filleted a raw salmon. Hint: do not cut salmon into pieces before de-skinning!

Made a huge spattering mess in my pan, though. Luckily I had the right mind to cover it before it made a huge mess on the stove. And with my chopstick ninja skills, I was able to flip the skins over without making an oily mess by cracking open the cover enough to slip in the chopsticks. These utensils seriously work for everything.

3 Tablespoons cooking fat, or enough to generously coat the bottom of the pan (I used butter)
Leftover salmon skins

(1) Heat cooking fat on high until it is on the verge of bubbling. Immediately add skins in a single layer in the pan and cover, turning the heat down to medium or medium-high, just enough to make a spattering noise to fry the skins. Cook for 2 minutes.
(2) Uncover partially or fully, and flip over the skins as fast as possible. Cook for another minute, and plate immediately. I like to save a little electricity by turning off the stove right after flipping and cooking for a little longer than a minute.

Hopefully your skins last long enough to make it into your own homemade sushi!

Dai Dai


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  1. ABSOLUTELY ADORE salmon skin! I roast it in the oven nightly, that’s how obsessed I am! I am glad to see I am not the only one. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine when people say they want the skin removed, or when I see they have left it on their plate!! It’s the best part – FISH BACON! 🙂

    • BIG LOL to that one. Fish bacon – I like! I’m going to steal that phrase if you don’t mind x3

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