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Easy steamed crab

March 8, 2012

Sometimes when in season, I find frozen wild crab at Costco for only $4/lb. When this happens, I always buy several and store in the freezer for future shellfish consumption.

My favorite way to eat crab by far is just steamed to dip into lemon, vinegar, or butter. And steaming takes only 5-10 minutes.

I usually put the whole crab on a plate sitting atop an inverted bowl inside my covered huge wok/skillet full of water. To cook, I let the water boil and steam the crab for 5 minutes if not frozen and 10 minutes if the crab came straight from the freezer or straight from the tank.

I always eat the best part, the yellow/orange stuff in the belly area, first. It’s the most delicious and nutritious out of all the crab and doesn’t need dressing up with any sauce. Who cares about the high cholesterol content.

To actually get at the crab meat in the leg, I like to break off the leg segments with my hands or mouth, and stick chopsticks in to fish out all the crab meat. I love dipping the meat into Chinese black vinegar, although I’ve done it with lemon and butter before, which tastes just as good.

Hope you find my poor Chinese table manners useful for efficiently picking out all that good stuff from the crab!

Dai Dai

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