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US Wellness Meats Pet Burger review

April 12, 2012

My wallet has been fairly flat in 2012 due to my increased consumption of 100% grass-fed beef. Although I buy 100% grass-fed ground beef fairly cheaply at $5/lb at a local source, it is still a lot more expensive than conventional sources of beef at Costco or Safeway.

I’ve known about US Wellness Meats and their high-quality meats for some time, but was never brave enough to order something from online. Most of the prices were as steep, if not steeper, than my local store. Until I found out about the pet burger.

65% ground beef mixed with about an ounce of beef liver and about an ounce of beef heart. Apparently the fat content is so high that they cannot sell it as human-grade food, which is why it states that it’s not fit for human consumption. I did a calculation and the macros came out to 144g (antibiotic- and soy-free) fat and 64g protein. Terrible for the fat-phobic. Terrific for recently graduated student strapped for cash.

So I took the plunge and bought 40 pounds of it. The $4.19/lb price was decreased to $3.56/lb with the bulk purchase. Including free shipping and $7.50 for handling, the overall price came out to $3.75/lb. What a steal!

The entire package came to me in 3 days, in a huge styrofoam chest containing an ice pack. The individual petburgers bags seemed thick, but I quickly found that they could defrost easily in the refrigerator within 48 hours. The most annoying thing about the packaging was that there were sometimes holes in the plastic. This meant that after a few nights of defrosting, I’d have a river of blood flowing somewhere in my fridge. Another slightly annoying thing was that I’d have to rinse the packaging well before opening because there were static-y pieces of styrofoam dislodged from the box that stuck to the plastic.

For those who hate the taste of liver and were hoping to mask the taste of healthy liver in the heart and meat of the beef, the only outcome will be disappointment. While it’s not the most liver-y tasting cut of meat I’ve ever had, the taste is distinctly there. The burger also quite squishy; I could imagine having a hard time trying to make ground beef tacos out of them because splitting the meat apart would be a massive headache.

Other than these small shortcomings, the pet burger order was amazingly good for the price paid. I wouldn’t buy them again, just because it was difficult to scarf down a pound of it every day for my protein of the day, but the value is definitely there. 5 stars.

Dai Dai


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  1. Lisa l permalink

    I added one pack to my regular order after reading this review.. Just fried up a patty tonight and it was delicious! I do like liver, though. Yum!c

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