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Chinese scrambled eggs with shrimp

September 13, 2012

Not sure if this is a purely Chinese dish or not, but ever since childhood, one of the easiest yet very delicious dishes my mom would cook up was scrambled eggs with shrimp. Of course, I’d pick out the shrimp and leave the egg, but now I know that it’s proper to eat all of it. Although I do skew the ratio of shrimp to egg a little bit compared to what my mom created.

I used frozen cooked shrimp and steamed them, although raw shrimp could be used as well. In my opinion, the shrimp is best steamed, to preserve its delicate texture, although a brief stir-fry using raw shrimp works pretty nicely as well.

1 lb raw or cooked shrimp
2 Tbsp cooking fat
10 eggs
salt to taste

(1) Put shrimp in a steamer basket and cook until warmed and almost fully pink. How long it takes depends on the pot size, shallowness, and heat strength, but a medium for my large 13″ pan takes about 8 minutes on medium heat for frozen cooked shrimp. Alternatively, pan-frying with a little bit of cooking fat works as well.
(2) Set shrimp aside. Beat eggs with salt. Heat cooking fat in the frying pan on medium to medium-high. When it is sufficiently hot, or about to bubble, add eggs and scramble, being sure to constantly flip the bottom with the runny mixture on top to even out the cooking.
(3) When the eggs are slightly runny but mainly cooked, add shrimp to the eggs, and incorporate completely. Allow to cook until the egg is no longer runny. Turn off heat. Can be served warm or cold.


Dai Dai

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