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Alter Eco Dark Blackout chocolate bar

October 10, 2012

This post is just a quick update on a San Francisco-produced chocolate bar that I tried from Whole Foods, thanks to a $0.75 coupon I obtained from the Chinook Book. The bar was on sale in the store for $3, which I then discounted to $2.25. Quite a steal for a bar that’s organic, fair-trade, and locally-made instead of completely mass-produced.

The first thing I thought when I bit into this bar was RAISINS. The beans are from Ecuador, but I can say that I have never eaten a bar made of cacao beans from Ecuador that were so clearly featuring the raisin flavor. A bit winey in the aftertaste, leaving a very brief earthy flavor after it completely melted. It was very good as an 85% bar, with a very intense taste profile.

Nutritionals for the bar were: 480 calories, 42g fat, 28g carbs, 10g fiber, 6g protein, 4% calcium, and 78% iron. Ingredients were only cacao liquor, cocoa butter, raw can sugar, and vanilla.

Dai Dai


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