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Pork summer rolls

January 24, 2013

In my efforts to consume some pork, I purchased a small loin roast from Sprouts last week when it was on sale. I tried to make garlic pulled pork from it, but alas, the roast was too dry and unmarbled for that to happen properly.

So what to do with the leftovers? It ended up creating pretty decent loin chop coins when sliced, which gave me the idea to use it in some spring/summer rolls…


After slicing them into strips, I positioned them inside a half leaf of lettuce before rolling in the rice paper roll.


The rolls themselves were quite flavorful, given how salty and garlic-y the outside of the pork was. However, I would have used them together with some almond dip had I had access to the ingredients.

1 lb leftover pork
3 large lettuce leaves
6 large sheets of rice paper

(1) Julienne the pork pieces into 4″ by 1/4″ matchsticks. Shred lettuce leaves in half.
(2) Set up a large plate and add some warm water. Dip one rice paper into the water for about 5 seconds, and transfer to another plate. Rice paper should still be a little solid, but it will get limp very fast.
(3) Take a lettuce leaf and layer it onto the rice paper. Add on top a few pieces of the pork. Roll the rice paper onto the pork until halfway. Fold over each of the sides, and then roll all the way, allowing the rice paper to adhere to itself.
(4) Continue until all the ingredients are used.


Dai Dai


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