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Lamb nagaimo seaweed soup

January 27, 2013

It is still winter, which is a time to appropriately crave soup nonstop. Since I only recently began using a heater, I’ve been freezing in 40 degree temperatures in my home when trying to play PC games. One thing that was vastly improving my blood circulation before I had to blow on my hands to prevent numbing was a constant barrage of warming soup.

Lamb soup
Traditional Asian soups tend to be clear, without thickeners such as butter or starch that Westerners use. The soup I have been making often recently is lamb soup, with some green and root vegetables. My favorite addition, by far, is seaweed.

In Chinese medicine, lamb tends to be a great addition to the winter diet due to its warming properties. It is especially good at adding circulation to the extremities. I also like to add nagaimo, which also further promotes circulation and promotes the balance of nutrition in the body.

Lamb soup

I like to simmer my lamb meat for a while, especially with a bone-in cut, because it allows more time for the nutrients in the bone to leech into the water. Afterward, I cut up the nagaimo and I toss it into the lamb soup with the seaweed to simmer for a brief period before it’s ready for eating.

1 lb lamb with bone (I used lamb neck)
1 lb nagaimo
4 Tbsp dried wakame or kombu seaweed
salt to taste

(1) Bring a pot of water to a boil with the lamb meat. Bring it down to a simmer after boiling, and allow to simmer at least another 30 minutes. Simmering can last as long as 4 hours before the lamb starts to get tough, depending on cut.
(2) Peel the outside part of the nagaimo root and cut into cubes.
(3) Add the seaweed and nagaimo to the soup. Simmer for an additional 10 minutes to allow the seaweed to reconstitute and get a little limp.
(4) The preserved seaweed should be salted, requiring not too much addition of salt. If the soup is still bland, add some salt to taste.


Dai Dai


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