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Lamb heart sukiyaki

February 23, 2013

The other day, I found lamb heart at the Farmer’s Market and was very curious to see how closely it mirrored beef heart. So curious that I made sukiyaki from it, something that is traditionally made with regular beef slices.

Another major difference from typical recipes that I did was to use seaweed instead of dashi, since I didn’t have premade dashi readily available, and the fact that I like to use ingredients from scratch anyway. I also did not use any alcohol in my recipe, substituting ShaoHsing Chinese cooking wine for the mirin and sake.

The yam noodles are kind of difficult to wrestle with. Usually if I don’t cut them up, they end up in a large clump of noodle that is difficult to separate to the rest of the pan. And that’s exactly what I forgot to do for this recipe, hence the noodles taking up space in its own clump in my bowl. Still was tasty, though.

Overall, I think my substitutions still did the recipe justice. It turned out really flavorful and kept me stuffed for hours, despite the low calorie count of the food. The yam noodles helped a lot.

1/4 cup dry seaweed (kombu is best)
1 lb lamb heart
1 Tbsp cooking fat (I used leftover bacon fat)
1/4 cup ShaoHsing wine
1/3 cup tamari soy sauce
3 Tbsp maple syrup
1/2 lb, or 2 cups, napa cabbage
10 shiitake mushrooms
1 10 oz package enoki mushrooms
1 12oz package of yam noodles
1 bunch green onion

(1) Reconstitute dried seaweed in a bowl with enough water to cover for 10 minutes.
(2) Meanwhile, cup the lamb heart into thin strips. Chop the napa cabbage into thin strips. Slice the shiitake into strips, and roughly chop the enoki and yam noodles.
(3) Heat up cooking fat in a large pan and sear them on medium-high.
(4) Add the rice vinegar, tamari, and maple syrup to the pan and stir to mix. Cook for another minute.
(5) Add seaweed with water, napa cabbage, shiitake, enoki, and yam noodles. Mix very well into the rest of the pan. Allow all the flavors to combine by cooking for another 10 minutes.
(6) Slice the green onion and add to the pan when finished. Stir to incorporate and serve warm.


Dai Dai

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