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Tcho Mokaccino Milk Chocolate

April 7, 2013

One of the quality chocolate brands in the San Francisco area is Tcho. No, it’s not like Ghirardelli, though it does attract many a tourist. I am talking about the factory sitting upon one of the piers in the northeast quadrant of the small city, that has been producing amazing chocolates and bringing good quality cacao to the locals for several years.

Recently, the brand came out with a hybrid of its SeriousMilk, a milk chocolate with a relatively high cacao content, and the local coffee brand, Blue Bottle Coffee. While Blue Bottle is a little overhyped, in my opinion, the coffee accentuated and was accentuated by the chocolate flavor, especially with SeriousMilk, my favorite American-made milk chocolate bar.

Tcho mocha bar

Aptly named, the Mokaccino, the bar is quite pricey, at $4.99/58g bar at Whole Foods, its release price. Did it really live up to its silver in the International Chocolate Festival of 2012?

I think so. Apparently in America, it lost to Askinosie Chocolate, which made a milk chocolate laced with licorice. Not sure what the other contenders were, but apparently this milk-licorice combination also won silver internationally. Definitely a high-caliber contender in this case.

The bar was very smooth in mouthfeel and flavor, with the coffee flavor popping out in traces. The milk chocolate and the coffee complemented each other extremely well, resulting in a wonderful creamy taste, similar to that of a real mocha. The higher cacao content of the SeriousMilk helped to develop the real flavor of the entire bar on the palate, though the sugar content was still a bit too high for my liking.

Nutritionals were normal, though it contained a good bit of calcium, even for a milk chocolate bar. Ingredients were organic cane sugar, organic cacao beans, organic cocoa butter, organic whole milk powder, organic non-fat milk powder, organic coffee beans, soy lecithin, and vanilla beans. The 58g bar should have about 330 calories, 22g fat, 28g carbs (no fiber), 6g protein, 15% calcium, and 9% iron.

All in all, a very good bar. Slightly overpriced, though, in my opinion, but very good. Definitely put a hyper hop in my step the afternoon I ate the entire bar.

Dai Dai


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