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Easy crock pot pork sirloin

April 27, 2013

I’ve been pretty lazy with my cooking lately. So lazy that I’ve been eating one meal for lunch 4-5 days of the week.

Excessive? Perhaps a little bit. But is it easy? Yes. Cheap? Very. Tastes good? Of course; it’s made by me. Well that makes an awesome lunch then, doesn’t it?


It’s very easy to just dice things up, plop the pork on top, and cook the night before. I’ve used pork sirloin, pork tenderloin, pork center loin, pork shoulder, pork country style ribs, pork stew meat, etc. Basically any cut of pork works best, although I found that it’s best to leave it as a large chunk versus cut-up portions.


Once a week (sometimes more often), I bust out the crockpot and use it to cook 2-3 lb of pork, which I would then spread across 3-4 days of the week for meals. Makes lunch easy. And each portion usually costs me around $3. Use fattier pork for more calories per serving.

1 large pear
1 medium onion
2-3 lb pork (I mainly use sirloin)
salt to taste
1-2 Tbsp rosemary

(1) Slice pear into half-moon pieces about 1/2″ thick. Same with the onion.
(2) Spread the onion at the bottom of the crock pot. Add a layer of pear, and add the cut of pork on top. Rub salt along the side of the pork.
(3) Sprinkle liberally with rosemary.
(4) Position several more pear slices atop the pork.
(5) Cook on low overnight or at least 6 hours.


Dai Dai


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