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Cardamom coconut milk ice cream

July 13, 2013

Cardamom is one of the flavors that I’ve grown to love over the years. Its use in coffee is extremely delicious, especially when combined with some cream. Back when I was still having coffee with cream every morning (disregarding quality of both the coffee and the cream), I would go to Philz every morning and order the Philharmonic with a bit of heavy cream because of the delicious combination of flavors.

Cardamom pods

Now that I’m a bit more picky about my coffee, I no longer make these Philz runs every morning. However, I still crave the flavor of cardamom with some cream once in a while…which led me to buy some organic cardamom pods from Whole Foods for the purpose of making ice cream! A little goes a long way, as I only used about $0.75 worth of expensive >$40/lb dried cardamom pods.

Ice cream

The ice cream turned out amazingly well, since the aromatic cardamom really did mix well with the creamy coconut milk flavor. This ice cream was also a great way for me to detox myself of any leftover caffeine at the end of the day, as cardamom is good for neutralizing over-stimulation of caffeine. Medicine in the form of ice cream? I’ll take it.

1 Tbsp cardamom pods
2 cups coconut milk
1/4 cup honey
4 egg yolks

(1) Place the cardamom pods in a pot and split open any of the pods that have not done so, in order to release the seeds within.
(2) Add coconut milk to the cardamom pods and heat on medium heat in a pan over the stove. Add honey and incorporate for 3-5 minutes as the coconut milk simmers.
(3) Turn off heat and let steep for 40-60 minutes.
(4) Strain the mixture of the cardamom pieces and return the liquid to the pan, allowing it to come back to a gentle simmer, with just enough heat so that there is no bubbling of liquid.
(5) Beat egg yolks in a bowl. Add some hot liquid into the bowl and stir. Do this 3-4 times until the egg yolks are well-incorporated into the liquid added without curdling or chunking.
(6) Add the egg yolk mixture to the rest of the liquid and stir. Stir constantly for about 10 minutes, until the mixture is as thick and viscous as pouring warm honey.
(7) Let the mixture cool and chill for about an hour.
(8) Transfer mixture to an ice cream maker and allow to aerate/churn for 10-20 minutes, depending on desirability of thickness/airiness of the ice cream.
(9) Allow to sit in freezer overnight to allow flavors to incorporate, before digging in.


Dai Dai


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One Comment
  1. emlundblad permalink

    I love cardamom. Now I just have to buy an ice cream maker. Thanks for sharing.

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