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Negranti sheep milk ice cream

September 3, 2013

After finding out that I have a slight intolerance to cow’s milk dairy, I nearly panicked for dear life over how I could substitute my favorite dairy products. With sheep milk cheese readily available, all I had to was search for a good ice cream made from sheep’s milk. Because honestly, sometimes coconut milk can only get you so far before you crave that lovely milky flavor you can only get from mammal milk.

A brief search online shows sheep milk available in only two areas: California and the U.K. Well, thank goodness I live in the former!

I found this brand of sheep milk ice cream, possibly the only one in the U.S., called Negranti at my local grocer. I think I lucked out, since this grocer usually stocks whatever is locally available, and thank goodness there were these ice cream pints in late months of the summer!

Ice cream

My favorite of the two flavors was the strawberry basil. They put in a perfect amount of strawberry with a hint of basil, allowing the light creaminess from the sheep milk carry the rest of the flavor to new heights. However, the ice cream was a bit watery, since there were no emulsifiers or fat to add the fluffiness. There was plenty of creaminess in texture, though.

Ice cream

The vanilla bean was good, too, although it lacked the creamy flavor demonstrated in the strawberry basil. It was too sweet for my liking, especially since there was no fat to balance out the flavor. As a lover of vanilla ice cream, I wasn’t particularly wow’d by this flavor. It was still a decent ice cream, though. Just not my favorite.

Now, if only I can get my hands on the coffee flavor, I will be the happiest sheep milk consumer ever.

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