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The Tea Room Chocolate Fusion White Chocolate Chamomile & Honey Bar

November 1, 2014

I’ve gone a bit MIA lately due to the lack of free time lately to make blog posts. Since experimenting with foods is a big time suck, I’ve been making oldies and leftover veggie stir fries. Not a lot of opportunities to be creative.

However, outsourcing this desire for creativity caused me to take a chance on The Tea Room brand of chocolates. This brand has found its own niche by infusing teas into the chocolates. Since these 50g bars aren’t too expensive at $2.49 at the local Whole Foods, I couldn’t resist taking a stab.


Ingredients are organic cane sugar, organic cacao fat, organic dry whole milk, organic chamomile tea, organic honey, soy lecithin, and organic vanilla extract.

Now, white chocolate I don’t think I have reviewed very much, only because it is pretty hard to find a bar that deviates too much from the standard. Most of the white chocolate I try tends to be too fatty and leaves an undesirable coating of fat in the mouth or too sweet and leaves a sore feeling in the back of my throat. This bar did neither, and so I felt compelled to do a brief review.

This bar not only did a great job of balancing the fat and the sugar, but as it melted on my tongue it brought beautiful notes of chamomile tea at the beginning and a touch of honey at the end. The vanilla was not overwhelming at all, which is different from most white chocolate bars that tend to make vanilla the star. Mouthfeel was great, very rich, yet did not linger too long on the palate after eating, especially compared to other white chocolates.

I am a pretty big fan of this local chocolate maker so far. Hopefully more reviews to come on this brand.

Dai Dai


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