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Good Cacao Mandarin Orange

December 10, 2014

Found this on sale at Sprouts. Had to try since I was wondering about the “health benefits,” which ended up manifesting as a ridiculous amount of bloat and gas for the subsequent two days.

Chocolate bar

As for the actual chocolate experience, this bar overall had a rather dull taste. It seemed like the orange flavor combatted the naturally nutty flavor of the cacao, which ended up tasting like a strange portmanteau of flavors instead of complementing each other. Additionally, the chocolate didn’t melt very easily on the tongue.

I guess this chocolate bar was meant more for “health” purposes and not for taste. Take a look at the ingredients: organic Ecuadorian cacao paste, organic cane sugar, organic Ecuadorian cacao butter, organic raw vanilla beans, organic raw cacao powder, organic Peruvian lucuma, organic virgin coconut butter, organic raw Madagascar cinnamon, organic raw Peruvian maca, organic raw Brazilian cupacu, CocoaNOURISH, probiotic bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086, concentrated marine phytoplankton, NutriTRIENOL, Sensoril ashwagandha, WellTrim IG, organic orange zest, organic orange oil, bitter orange extract, organic Madagascar vanilla oil, 170 million-year-old Jurassic sea salt.

Was fun to try. That was all.

Dai Dai


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