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Unsweetened baking chocolate reviews

December 30, 2014

As a lover of highly flavorful dark chocolates, I had to get my hands on several baking chocolates that I eyed at the local Whole Foods. One, brand Tcho, with their 99% dark chocolate critters. Another, Madecasse, for their 100% dark chocolate baking discs. Both came in bulk sizes due to the potential they have in baking, and I had to wrench the 8 bucks from my wallet to get each of these half-pound batches. It was definitely the investment to make, which fortunately, turned out decently.


The Tcho baking critters were not apt to melting immediately. These baking pieces were chunky, which makes me question the melting efficiency. The chocolate itself was smooth enough, but would tend to stick to the palate for a long period of time after eating. The chocolate imparted mostly a deep, earthy flavor, which would make it a wonderful pairing with a more sweet counterpart in a dessert, such as vanilla cream.


Madecasse’s baking discs were more prone to melting due to the higher surface area. I found them more delicious for snacking than Tcho’s baking chocolate because they were much more flavorful, with fruits and citrus notes. The chocolate was easy to swallow, in contrast to the giant gunk of Tcho glue stuck to my tongue after it melted. I think the Madecasse pieces would be great in a chocolate dessert standing on its own, such as flourless cake, since the discs have such great flavor.

Tcho’s ingredients boasted “organic cacao beans” while Madecasse’s ingredients read “cocoa beans, cocoa butter.” Madecasse’s chocolate is obviously a bit more processed, but I prefer the smoother texture and developed flavor, especially since I’m more apt to munch on them rather than use them in desserts. Now to prevent myself from eating these in one sitting!

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