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Askinosie: Dark Milk Chocolate with Goat’s Milk

May 26, 2016

Once in a while I will find a rare treat in none other than my neighborhood Target. While they have started to introduce some more specialty chocolate brands, I was surprised to find Askinosie as one of them since the brand is such a specialized product. One of the differentiators for this chocolate brand is that they seek a true social impact different from the sustainability efforts that other larger chocolate brands tout. They run through much smaller batches of chocolate, with product being more proliferated in specialty stores.


The bar begins with a nutty flavor, eventually lending itself to wine and fruit, and finishing with the goat milk that rounded out the tasting nicely. I enjoyed it very much, as the overall flavor was very smooth and the goat milk added a nice gamey touch. It was such a light flavor that I didn’t even notice that it was a “dark chocolate” kind of bar. Great melt on the tongue as well. Would highly recommend for anyone to try, for both milk chocolate and dark chocolate lovers.

Ingredients include Mababu, Tanzania Cocoa Beans (Trinitario), organic cane sugar, cocoa butter (made with Tanzania beans), goat’s milk powder, and sucanat cane sugar.

Dai Dai


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  1. I really liked that chocolate bar too. I didn’t find it as creamy as some other “dark milk chocolate” bars I’ve tried (maybe they use less cocoa butter than usual?), but the goat’s milk gives it such a pleasant, interesting sourness that’s a little addictive. They use this same chocolate as their base for their dark milk chocolate with licorice, which was really tasty, although the licorice overpowers the goat’s milk in my opinion.

    What are your favorite dark milk chocolate bars?

    • I did hear about their international awards, but I have never tried that one. Do you normally like that kind of flavor? I am a little hesitant since my experience with licorice in the past has been mostly misses.

      I did like this one a lot. Generally my favorite would probably be the Tcho Mokaccino bar, mainly because I like coffee and chocolate combinations, though I believe that bar could use some improvement on its somewhat overly complex flavor profile. I haven’t had a chance to try many dark milk chocolate bars. What about you?

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