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The purpose of The Clean Palate is to share unusual yet delicious products and recipes in the sense that readers will have a “clean palate” for the next new interesting dish. The Clean Palate is dedicated to expanding knowledge of foods and recipes that offer quality ingredients that exclude as much processing as possible. Most of the serving sizes for the recipes are for 2 people for a full or main part of a meal, but can be easily scale-able to larger portions.

While the foods I make on The Clean Palate are from a variety of different cultures, most of the foods are Asian. However, I am always open to new recipes, suggestions, and products to use, no matter the background. After all, I am, as a good friend has said, a cook-ie, and love experimenting with anything in the kitchen!

I’m only learning now on how to take good pictures of the food I make, so I would appreciate any feedback regarding any of the pictures on The Clean Palate, or even the recipes I make!

  1. I love this blog. One of my goals is to start cooking more and collect recipes. Thanks for all you have to share!

  2. Autumn permalink

    Enjoy your blog and recipes! It’s great to see recipes from other cultures, especially with some of the interesting cuts and parts — tongue, gizzard, heart! Yummmm….

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