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Baked fish with ginger and scallions
Brazilian fish moqueca soup
Canned salmon fried cauliflower rice
Canned salmon parsley salad
Cauliflower rice sushi
Chinese scrambled egg with shrimp
Chinese sour fish soup
Chinese steamed fish
Coconut salmon loaf
Fish in coconut kale soup
Fish in dijon sauce
Fish in garlic butter sauce
Fish in vanilla tomato sauce
Fried salmon skin
Garlic ginger clams
Korean clam soup
Russian salmon ukha soup
Salmon patties
Salmon spaghetti squash
Shrimp fried cauliflower rice
Shrimp with coconut flakes
Smoked salmon wraps
Steamed crab
Stovetop coconut salmon
Tomato seafood stew


Asian lamb nagaimo seaweed soup
Balsamic liver
Beef stroganoff
Boiled beef tongue
Chinese beef liver
Chopped liver
Coconut flour pizza
Daikon casserole
Eggplant noodle lasagna
Ground beef spaghetti squash
Japanese lamb heart sukiyaki
Korean beef seaweed soup
Korean bibimbap
Lamb curry
Roast lamb with rosemary and garlic
Salt and pepper beef heart
Scotch quail eggs
Spaghetti squash in beefy marinara
Thai green curry
Vietnamese Pho


Bacon wrapped rosemary chicken
Barbecue sauce
Chinese hot and sour soup
Chinese pork liver
Chinese pork trotter
Chinese steamed buns
Chinese winter melon soup
Chinese winter melon soup with meatballs
Chinese wontons
Coconut flour pizza
Crock pot pork sirloin
Daikon casserole
Korean bibimbap
Pepperoni chips
Portuguese sausage fried cauliflower rice
Vietnamese pork summer rolls


Bacon wrapped rosemary chicken
Baked rosemary garlic and ginger chicken breasts
Balsamic liver
Chicken in vanilla tomato sauce
Chinese chicken feet
Chinese chicken soup with mustard greens
Chinese clay pot chicken
Chinese General Tso’s chicken
Chinese winter melon soup
Cranberry turkey meatloaf
Japanese curry
Meatloaf cupcakes
Radish egg flower soup
Roast duck leg with cauliflower puree
Rotisserie chicken cauliflower fried rice
Thai green curry
Turkey meatballs with cranberry sauce
Turkey meatloaf
Zucchini noodle lasagna


Balsamic liver
Barbecue sauce with beef liver
Beef liver and onions
Boiled beef tongue
Chinese beef liver
Chinese chicken livers
Chinese pork liver
Chinese beef liver
Duck gizzard with Chinese five-spice
Duck gizzard with mushroom wine sauce
Fried chicken liver
Garlic chicken livers
Japanese lamb heart sukiyaki
Liver pate
Salt and pepper beef heart
Southern dirty cauliflower rice
Scrambled brains


Amaranth omelette
Chinese chive omelette
Chinese potato scallion pancakes
Chinese scrambled egg with shrimp
Lotus carrot pancake
Nagaimo omelette
Scotch quail eggs
Tomato egg soup

Fire and Ice Tomatoes


Arugula, fennel and apricot salad
Arugula, fennel and Parmesan salad
Asian seaweed salad
Canned salmon parsley salad
Cannellini parsley salad
Chinese napa cabbage salad
Fire and ice tomatoes
Hijiki cucumber salad
Onion millet salad
Parsley celery salad
Tomato salad


Asian seaweed salad
Asian vegetable medley with rice
Chinese hot and sour soup
Chinese long beans
Chinese napa cabbage salad
Chinese potato scallion pancakes
Cucumber cups with hummus and peanut-ginger dip
Curried cauliflower rice
Fat free crispy potato puffs
Fat free potato spinach curry balls
Ginger carrot milk
Hawaiian sweet potato
Hawaiian sweet potato latkes
Herb crusted stovetop potatoes
Homemade coconut milk
Japanese sweet potato
Kabocha squash oatmeal
Kale chips
Korean kimchi fried cauliflower rice
Lotus carrot pancake
Mashed sweet potatoes
Roasted cauliflower with tomato sauce
Roasted carrots
Sauteed amaranth leaves
Sauteed asparagus
Sauteed bitter melon
Sauteed potatoes with onion and fenugreek
Sauteed rainbow chard
Sauteed spaghetti squash
Sauteed tomatoes
Sauteed zucchini noodles
Spaghetti squash in marinara sauce
Stovetop rosemary potatoes
Tomato salad
Vietnamese vegetarian summer rolls
Zucchini noodle lasagna


Aloe vera cubes
Apple coconut flour muffins
Azuki bean coconut milk ice cream
Basil coconut ice cream
Black bean protein brownies
Cardamom coconut milk ice cream
Carrot coconut flour muffins
Chinese azuki bean soup
Chocolate avocado pudding
Chocolate truffles
Coconut lemongrass ice cream
Coconut milk custard
Corn coconut milk ice cream
Cucumber coconut ice cream
Frozen berries with coconut cream
Hawaiian sweet potato latkes
Homemade coconut milk
Lemon coconut flour muffins
Lemon ginger honey sorbet
Lemon poppy seed loaf
Low fat black bean brownies
Macadamia nut chocolate bar
Maple pumpkin coconut milk custard
Miso coconut milk ice cream
Mung bean coconut milk ice cream
Nectarine flaugnarde
Orange cookies with coconut flour
Peach coconut ice cream
Pumpkin coconut flour muffins
Pumpkin mochi
Pumpkin pudding
Sesame cookies with coconut flour
Taro coconut milk ice cream
Toasted sesame coconut milk ice cream
Vanilla coconut pudding


Bulletproof coffee
Chinese Jian Bing
Chocolate truffles
Fried salmon skin
Fat free crispy potato puffs
Fat free potato spinach curry balls
Frozen berries with coconut cream
Ginger carrot milk
Japanese sweet potato
Kale chips
Low fat black bean brownies
Macadamia nut chocolate bar
Pepperoni chips
Pumpkin mochi
Purple sweet potato
Unusual fruit – Dragon fruit
Unusual fruit – Mapo
Unusual fruit – Rose apples
Unusual fruit – Soursop


Agami Superfoods – Peppermint and Yacon 77%
Alter Eco – Dark Chocolate Velvet Milk
Alter Eco – Dark Blackout 85%
Askinosie – Dark Milk with Goat’s Milk
Cailler – Sublim Milk Truffon
Cailler – Sublim Dark 70%
Camille Bloch – Mousse
Charlotte’s Confections – Espresso Dark 68%
Chocolove – 77%
Chuao – Firecracker 60%
Coconut Secret – Caribbean Crunch
Coconut Secret – Ecuadorian Crunch 40%
Cote D’Or – Sesame Noir 70%
Dagoba – Roseberry 59%
Dagoba – Beaucoup Berries 74%
Dagoba – Xocolatl 74%
Dagoba – Eclipse 87%
Divine – Ginger & Orange 70%
Divine – Milk Chocolate With Spiced Cookies
Eclipse Chocolat – Spiced Pumpkinseed 72%
Endangered Species – Extreme Dark 88%
Equal Exchange – Panama 80%
Fearless Chocolate Co. – Exploding Coconuts 70%
Fearless Chocolate Co. – Sweeet & Hot 70%
Fearless Chocolate Co. – Dark as Midnight 75%
Gaia – Milk
Galler – Cafe Noir
Galler – Noir 85%
Generic Italian brand – Ecuador 70%
Generic Italian brand – Costa Rica 75%
Generic Italian brand – Tanzania 80%
Good Cacao – Mandarin Orange 72%
Green & Black’s – White 30%
Green & Black’s – Mayan Gold 55%
Green & Black’s – Coffee 70%
Green & Black’s – 85%
Jelina Chocolatier – Espresso 72%
L’Amourette Chocolates – Salted Pistachio 72%
Lindt – Dark chocolate with coconut
Lindt – 90%
Lindt – 99%
Madecasse – Milk 44%
Madecasse – Sea salt and nibs 63%
Madecasse – 100%
Mascao – Cacao nibs 73%
Moonstruck – Dark chocolate espresso bean 68%
Neuhas – Dark chocolate orange
Newtree – Thyme 66%
Nibmor – Mint 72%
Omnom – Milk of Nicaragua 50%
Perugina – Orange Nero
Perugina – Nero with cacao nibs 70%
Raaka – Madagascar 75%
Righteously Raw – Maca
Righteously Raw – Acai 80%
Righteously Raw – Synergy Spice 80%
Righteously Raw – Divine Mint 82%
Righteously Raw – Dark 83%
Scharffen Berger – 82%
Scharffen Berger – 99%
Schogetten – White Chocolate and Hazelnut Crisp on Gianduja
Schogetten – Dark Chocolate
Suchard – Pistachio Noir 70%
Sweetriot – Quirky Quinoa Crunch 70%
Swiss deluxe – Dark and orange
Swiss deluxe – Dark 72%
Tcho – Mokaccino Milk
Tcho – 99%
The Tea Room – White Chocolate Chamomile & Honey 30%
The Tea Room – Dark Chocolate Raspberry Rooibos 60%
Theo Chocolate – Chai 45%
Theo Chocolate – Coconut Curry 45%
Theo Chocolate – Gingerbread Spice 45%
Theo Chocolate – Hazelnut Crunch 45%
Theo Chocolate – Vanilla 45%
Theo Chocolate – Congo Vanilla Nib 65%
Theo Chocolate – Almond & Fig 70%
Theo Chocolate – Bread & Chocolate 70%
Theo Chocolate – Chili 70%
Theo Chocolate – Cherry & Almond 70%
Theo Chocolate – Coffee Dark Chocolate 70%
Theo Chocolate – Mint Dark Chocolate 70%
Theo Chocolate – Nib Brittle 70%
Theo Chocolate – Madagascar 74%
Theo Chocolate – Costa Rica 91%
Torras – Sugar free white chocolate with goji berries
Trader Joe’s – Cocoa Truffles
Trader Joe’s – Swiss Milk
Trader Joe’s – Swiss Dark 71%
Trader Joe’s – Pound Plus Belgian Chocolate 72%
Trader Joe’s – Chocolate Palette
Valor – Sugar free 70%
Valrhona – Guanaja 70%
Vosges – Barcelona Bar 45%
Vosges – Woolloomooloo Bar 45%
Vosges – Mo’s Dark Bar with bacon 62%
Vosges – Black Salt Caramel Bar 70%
Vosges – Blood Orange Caramel Bar 70%

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